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People prefer to recover from illness or injury at home. Studies prove that comfortable surroundings and the presence of family and friends makes recovery faster and easier. Home Health Care allows patients to do just that. We provide help when it’s needed most. At Wellness Alliance, we strive to elevate our services above standard healthcare. We take pride in being diferent and we continue to develop new and innovative ways to improve the care we provide

What We Do

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Skilled Nursing

Services for comprehensive assessment and development of a skilled Plan of Care. This can include medication reconciliation and management, cardiac and pulmonary assessment, disease process management and education, specially tailored to each patient’s needs. These programs can include Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes, Hypertension, and Dementia to name a few. Services provided by our highly trained nurses include infusion therapy, central line management, and wound care assessment and ongoing management.


Skilled Physical Therapy

Services for safety training, strengthening, mobility and gait training, fall prevention, and development of patient specific home exercise programs to ensure even after discharge our patients continue to reap the benefits of our services. Our therapy team specialize in cardiac, orthopedic, and bone health treatments.


Skilled Occupational Therapy

Services for home safety and equipment evaluation and modification recommendations. These therapist also provide assistance in ADL and IADL training for patients and family and development of an energy conservation training program.


Medical Social Workers

Workers to address advance directive development and planning, living environment concerns, and identifying community resources that may be available for patients. Social Services also takes a huge step with our ongoing care management services.


Home Health Aides

To provide SHORT TERM assistance with bathing, dressing, and light housekeeping. Home Health Aides work under the direction of the case manager, and work closely with the Occupational therapists in training in ADL/IADL training. It is important to remember this is short term assistance and include a medical social worker if it is thought to be an ongoing need. Non-Medical homecare is just one of the many close partnership we have established for our Alliance members.

Specialized Services

Learn more about the specialized services we offer:

Physician Centric Re-hospitalization Prevention Program

This program ensures a visit from a physician to the patient’s home within 7 days following discharge from any facility. This  physician can be utilized as a primary care physician for the patient long term or while on service or serve as a “Home Health Specialist” while the patient is on service with Wellness Alliance Home Health. This would be in addition to any other primary physicians or specialist the patient currently is seeing, or this physician can serve to provide a safety assessment following discharge from a higher level of care and see the patient only one time following discharge from a facility. The choice is the patient’s, however it is important to remember that statistics show that 86% of patients that are readmitted to a hospital following discharge from a facility within the first 30 days following discharge did not have a physician visit. This is an imperative part of self-care and will allow patients to get the most out of their home health care. The physician will contact the patient shortly after returning home and their scheduler will schedule an appointment for the first physician visit. This will occur within the first 5 days of returning home allowing a physician to see the patient within the allotted 7 days. The care management team will be informed of the anticipated date of physician visit if they specify this is a wish of theirs. The physicians we have partnered with recognize the importance of the previous relationships with primary physicians and in no way are trying to prevent the patient from returning to their current providers when they are able to leave their home without a taxing effort. In an attempt to provide excellent continuity of care Santé Home Health ensures the patients’ physician is informed of the care being provided by us and our partnered physicians by sending a formal notification. This letter also states that if they would like to have a copy of the care provided to you by either home health or the physician we will provide this to them. The release of information is signed at the admission and thus covers us for this transfer of information.

Start of Care 24 hour Target

Wellness Alliance Home Health has implemented the goal of every patient being discharged from a facility being seen within 24 hours or discharge. This is a delicate transition and we want to be as proactive as possible to their needs immediately following their return home. This includes holidays and weekends. We have registered nurses available despite the time of day, time of week, or time of year.

Disease Process Training Care Kits

Wellness Alliance Home Health recognizes the importance of self-care for our patients. For this reason we have implemented the formal use of care kits specific to the primary disease process the patient is struggling with managing or newly diagnosed. These kits provide the essentials needed to manage each disease process and provides a lesson plan to organize the education and retention of the teaching provided by our nursing team. The kits are specific to the disease process however each kit does provide the patient with a disease specific lesson plan, magnetic board to hang on the fridge with important numbers, signs and symptoms to report immediately, and a dry erase marker to allow the patient to document any concerns or signs and symptoms of exacerbation they may have experienced and want to report to their home health nurse, and other necessary equipment to effectively monitor their condition. These kits are expensive so in order to provide these specific kits the agency will require an order from a physician to prevent them being looked at as enticement tactics. If the patient or care manager would like their patient to have this kit they may include it on their initial order or it may be included later by the home health staff members. A short summary of the kits are listed below. Please note there are other disease process kits available that could be ordered but these are our most frequently used kits.


Congestive Heart Failure Kit

This kit includes all of the educational material in addition to a digital scale/tape measure, log book to record daily weights, 28 day pill organizer, fluid restriction measuring bottle, emergency drug card, fast food guide, and an automatic BP cuff.


Blood Pressure Management Kit

This kit includes all educational materials in addition to a 28 day pill organizer, diet guide, automatic BP cuff, and organized log book.


COPD Management Kit

This kit includes all educational materials in addition to a 28 day pill organizer, swivel O2 tubing connector, troubleshooting magnetic board, card on handling oxygen, energy conservation check list, and puff countdown log.


Dementia Management Kit

This is a tool that was developed by a well-known neuropsychologist in Arizona. The tool has been shown in ongoing studies to substantially slow the progression of Dementia when implemented in the early stages and performed consistently.


Pain Management Kit

This kit includes all educational materials in addition to a 28 day pill organizer, countdown to calm pocket card, and pain log book.

Life Alert System

Wellness Alliance Home Health recognizes that some patients returning home may not have others living in their home with them. We recognize the fears this may cause and in addition to providing our intermittent care we also have put a program in place that allows us to set up and pay for a life alert system for the patient while the patient is on service with our agency. If the patient feels they are in need of further use of this system we easily transition the unit to their name upon discharge and there is no break in service. This too will need to be included on an initial order to be implemented or this may be discovered by the admitting clinician and be ordered at that time. Our turnaround time on these units is around 24-48 hours. If you are aware this is a need for a patient please let us know ahead of time and we can have it in the patient’s home prior to their return.

Care Continuum

The Wellness Alliance Continuum of care is a concept involving an integrated system of care that guides and tracks our current and past patients over time through a comprehensive array of health services spanning all levels of intensity of care for an indefinite amount of time. The continuum includes both healthcare services and integrating mechanisms. The goals of the continuum is to provide people with complex conditions access to all the services they need at the time they need them, with the clinical goal of maximizing independence of functioning, all while decreasing the cost to the payor source.

Pre-discharge Home Assessments

Wellness Alliance Home Health can provide a skill home safety assessment prior to discharge performed by our therapy director. This assessment would include identification of any safety concerns and usually remedy of these concerns on site by our therapist if possible. Contact our Intake Coordinator if this is a need for a patient.

“Smooth Transitions” Services

Wellness Alliance Home Health recognizes that despite Medicare guidelines for duplication of services, there are instances that require a patient to be seen the same day they return home from the facility. We want to assist with the facilitation of this service. Please inform the Intake Coordinator or Transitional Coordinator if you feel this is a need for your patients. Please recognize that this is an unbillable service and should only be used with extenuating services.

Use of Electronic Medical Record

Our agency utilizes a comprehensive electronic medical record. This allows us to have access to the entire chart for each patient 24/7 via the internet. If a referral source has questions or concerns any clinical lead to access all any record and update the collaborating care provider. This tool also includes a physician and patient/caregiver portal.

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